If you’re beginning a professional career in your field of study, you might be considering a position with an international organization. Certainly, working for a non-governmental organization (NGO), policy think tank or international governmental organization has an allure. If you’re already working for the United Nations (UN), or a similar employer, you’ll know these are environments where you can find a gratifying job. For many wanting to build a satisfying career contributing to global causes and make a real difference, there’s no better professional choice.

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You’ll find a host of job opportunities with these organizations — from direct service and…

Studies emphasize that horses reflect through their behavior, the behavior of their owners or the people with whom they were interacting at that time.

In the human world, specifically in the workplace, leaders and learners often count on hidden feedback from colleagues, using others’ experiences and interpretations to guide their decision making. Kahneman highlights this in “Think Fast, Think Slow” (2011), precisely how this human perspective can be limiting because of human cognitive bias in interpretation and decision-making.

In contrast, some animals, including horses, do not consciously interpret their experiences as humans do — they do not seek to label…

Are you not excited to get to work?

This happens even in the best and most exciting job. No one is immune from de-motivation and postponement.

You want your motivation back? Here are some self-motivation tips:

  1. Tell yourself you are starting anew

There are many reasons why we often do not get started with work: stress, boring tasks, annoying meetings or even the fear of failure. Try to treat your work like a new project: research shows that “new mental periods” can promote new perspectives and improve motivation

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2. Smile!

Even if that sounds weird, just make a big smile…

The answer is: You can be whoever you wish!

One of the objectives during a coaching process is to increase the clients’ awareness towards who they are and who they want to be.

Besides hard work on oneself, I often recur to a very useful model for personal change developed by Robert Dilts.

Michele Damone

A pioneer in the development of employees by bridging mission, purpose, and passion with personal motivations, talents, and desires. www.nature-motivation.com

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